Flash Disk Advantages



Flash Disk is a portable storage device using Flash Memory. Flash Disk is one of the most practical and secured portable storage device used nowadays. Flash disk is secured because unlike other portable storage devices such: MMC, SD, Transflash, Flash disk has built in controller chip, which enable flash disk to be installed with security software and many more portable softwares. As for the other portable storage device mentioned, their controller are built in the card reader, so basically any person whose own the card reader can open any kind of MMC, SD, or Transflash that they found. So if u would like to purchase a flash disk, make sure that it is supported with security software, it is really a waste if u had a flash disk with out using its security software. Flash Disk is an excellent alternative for secured portable data storage flash fisk 16gb.

Fashionable, Compact and Durable

Nowadays, the size of flash disk is getting smaller and slimmer, vary between manufacturers, between 4 cm up to 7 cm long, with width of only 0.5 – 1 cm. Not only that, flash disk external housing is being manufactured in very stylish and fashionable design. Beside the artificial function, Flash disk’s external housing makes it very durable. Flash disk external housing makes flash disk to be dust proof, shock proof, magnetic field proof, and even water proof (for certain products). Because flash disk is so durable, we can expect long data retention rate of 1.000.000 read/write cycles. Our advice is do not choose too small flash disk, cause there is a good chance u might loose it.

High Speed Usb 2.0

Today technology has enable flash disk’s data transfer speed range between 1.5 Mb/sec (Usb 1.1) up to 480 Mb/sec(Usb 2.0, and only possible if your Usb port really support High Speed Usb 2.0). In daily practice, none of our Usb port really supports high speed usb 2.0, which makes the average data transfer speed of usb 2.0 flash disk vary between 14 Mb/s up to 24 Mb/s.

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