After getting a million red daughters, I’ve been worried.

After getting a million red daughters, I was worried. Will you continue at Sands Casino or move to another place? After a while, I decided to change the mood and move to MGM Casino to play.

But I couldn’t move to MGM if it doesn’t work. The casino ghost stuck on my back or my shoulders were terribly aching and my head feels scared. I have to go to Korea tomorrow. I couldn’t stop because of that

Eventually, 900,000 red hairs were robbed and 100,000 were changed to Cathy and returned to the Venetian Hotel. I woke up with a refreshing feeling that I wanted to sigh, but when I looked at the clock, it was less than three hours 카지노.

I lie down again and it feels like my stomach is distorted. I kept feeling sick and went to the bathroom to clean it up. Godyang was terrible. The moment I regretted shochu or shochu.

After all, I went out, ate a bean sprouts, ate a bean sprout, and came back to my hotel. I couldn’t sleep.

As soon as I entered the casino, there was a loud slot machine and shout at the entrance. When I went to the folding screen, it broke 100,000. … . Yesterday I lost a lot of money and only 100,000 people wanted to come here.

I usually do not look at slot machines, but I sat next to him and put 100,000 red daughters as if they were looking. I just pressed it. When I pressed it twice in a row, the slot didn’t roll and the picture appeared immediately. I was upset, but in the feeling of squirting, I punched the button with a full stomach and shot it. But suddenly the screen turned black and the locomotive hooked me.

When I filmed this, the world’s 2.7 million jackpot … … … .

What I lost yesterday was the amount I recovered. The fisheye was bloated, and people were screening behind me. It was already driven by the sound. Three casino host staff asked me this and asked if I had a passport. I waited for them to bring me back to the hotel room, ran it like a shot, and received 2.7 million. A Korean host told me that they would give me a free hotel room for a week. I had to go in tomorrow, but I’ll have to extend my flight for another week. But I’m getting a free room from my agent 카지노.

If you think about it now, it would have been money to get a hotel room and sell it to others.

Anyway, after finding all the miraculously lost money, I went back to Korea and came back to Korea with the thought that I would come back to Baccarat properly.

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